What is the AOS Operating System

AOS is a general purpose operating system that runs on DG ECLIPSE® computers -- including DESKTOP GENERATIONTM Model 10/SP, 20, and 30 computers.

AOS is a timesharing system. It can serve up to five people at one time -- each using a terminal and doing word processing or other operations. AOS also supports batch operations, running jobs without human interaction or attention.

AOS can do these things because it is a multiprogramming system: it can run many programs simultaneously. Each running program is called a process.

Each process is like a complete computer system. It has up to 64 Kbytes of main memory; it often has its own terminal; and it can use devices like a disk or printer. AOS can manage up to 64 concurrent processes.

AOS is a secure system. It allows only authorized people to log on to user terminals. An authorized person is one for whom a user profile has been created by the user profile editor program.

But AOS does not require multiple terminals. It can manage a single-terminal desktop system very well.

What Hardware Does AOS Support

AOS requires Over the minimum hardware, AOS can support and other devices.
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